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the concept

P HÉ R E combines glass art, aromatherapy and beauty of Nature into a luxurious design element. Our concept is based on naturalness and circular use - only 100% essential oils are used in fragrance blends and Bodies are designed to last in different functionalities.

Atmosphere Deviser Slow Light

Amplify your interior

Phére is premised on an unique vision - To be pioneer in the world of natural diffusers,  together with applied art, that invites you to create your own unique atmosphere.


In a world where technology rules, the greatest freedom is to be able to surround yourself with pure beauty which reminds you that you are still part of wild nature. 

Olustveres 01.11.21 (32 of 36)-1.jpg

valuing handicraft skills

Between you and Phére, there are farmers, artists, designers and aromatherapists who will help us make this unique product for you.

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