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the concept

At Phére, we blend the artistry of hand-blown glass, the therapeutic benefits of natural scents, and the inherent beauty of nature into elegant design elements. Our mission is to celebrate the harmony between nature and artistry, offering products that enhance your living space with sustainability and style.

Atmosphere Deviser Slow Light

Amplify your interior

Our hand-blown glass vases are no longer just room fresheners; they are versatile, multifunctional pieces that can be used in various ways to suit your needs. Whether as a decorative element, a functional vase, or an innovative scent diffuser, Phére vases are designed to adapt and inspire.


In addition to our glass artistry, we have expanded our focus to include plant installations and floristic products. By integrating natural and dried plants into our designs, we create installations that bring the enduring beauty of nature indoors. Our approach emphasizes sustainability and the circular use of materials, ensuring that every piece we create supports a greener, more mindful lifestyle.

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valuing handicraft skills

Experience the timeless allure of nature and art with Phére, where every product is crafted to bring lasting beauty and tranquility into your life. Our purpose extends beyond aesthetics; we strive to contribute to the community by supporting local artisans and ensuring that traditional craft skills are preserved and passed on to future generations.

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