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our story 

Find balance in nature

Find balance 

The brand Phére was launched in the autumn of 2021

when we found that although the market is full of different room fragrances, there is no brand or product that has solved this concept correctly for us. We started working with glass artists and designers to create a product that would delicately fit into any interior, be both practical and artistic, and add value to changing the product's functionality so that the Phére glass Body can last from generation to generation.

Every little detail is created with love

 Phére evolved from a concept to finished product through an extensive prototyping process, driven by an obsession for details and sustainability.

Our products are the result of collaboration between farmers, glass masters and designers. 

Phére Body
Ouf Children´s future

our children´s future

 If we can see the beauty of one flower, we can change the world into a better place. If we support the artisan community, we give our children an opportunity to own something unique and handmade. 

By buying our products you are preserving valuable skills and an important industry.  

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