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Phére creates exclusive, innovative and functional Atmosphere Devisers for the company to enrich the interior,
amaze customers and partners.

originality that helps you stand out And offers an enriching experience 

Birthed from nature the Phére Atmosphere Deviser gives you an opportunity to create your own unique atmosphere.

Phère is based on an unique vision, where cooperation between

you and us creates something extraordinary. 


Olustveres 01.11.21 (32 of 36)-1.jpg
Private Label

a scent developed and signed for you according to your needs

The nature and efficacy of the fragrance, developed according to your preferences, makes it unique and tunes the mood in the room. 
From relaxing scents to a lively, sensual and invigorating atmosphere, the possibilities are endless.

free your mind

There is no need to compromise when improving the interior with Phére Atmosphere Deviser.  Both flowers and glass, create a visual that is made for you.
Consider different shapes and sizes that create a perfect match for the interior.

Our cooperation can start with just one of your ideas. 

Private Label room diffuser
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