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Hanataba is a creative tool for making beautiful bouquets with incredible volume all on your own.

A Scandinavian design


Hanataba is based on the same tecnique professional florists uses when making boquets, the dutch spiral. 

  • Choose your favorite flowers
  • Put them in your Hanataba  
  • Twist! Its as simple as that. 

The Hanataba gives your flowers exeptional volume by a simple twist.


Hanataba is a patentpending, designprotected innovation from Sweden. 

More information :


Hanataba - Bouquet twister

  • Directions to use

    How to use:

    • Choose your favorite flowers and greens.
    • Put your flowers through your Hanataba as you like.
    • Twist your Hanataba to desired effect.

    What do i get?

    • Hanataba 2-pack in champagne gold color.
    • One large Hanataba for 19 stems, and one small Hanataba for 7 stems.
    • Packed in a beautiful and elegant black paperbox.
    • Hanataba is made of recyclable aluminum and is stainless. 
    • Handwash is recommended
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