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Discover timeless beauty with Phére's everlasting floral bouquets. Handcrafted with the finest dried flowers and foliage, these living masterpieces add an airy lightness and visible elegance to any space.


Choose the perfect size – small, medium, or large – to suit your preference.


To make it truly special, add a personalized touch with a text of your choice, up to 25 characters.


Phére bouquets are not just gifts; they're expressions of appreciation and lasting beauty for any occasion.


Custom made to order.


Please let us know what have your  colour preference and we will do our best to create one that is perfect for you.


S-size: Dimensions: ca Ø 10cm x H 15 cm, 

M-size: Dimensions: ca Ø 18cm x H 25 cm,

L-size: Dimensions: ca Ø  25cm x H 35 cm,


Dried Flowers Bouquet

  • Tips to take care of the dried flowers

    Dried flowers are very resistant to their environment. However, do not place them near a heat source or in the sun. The heat will dry out the flower, make it brittle, and cause it to lose its colour. However, if you want to give your bouquet or arrangement a more retro feel, you can put it in the sun. The colours will then gradually fade and you will obtain a pastel effect which is sometimes sought after. A bouquet of dried flowers requires very little maintenance. However, after a few months, dust may settle on the flowers. Nothing to worry about. You can use a cold air hairdryer (keeping a distance of about 80cm) or simply blow gently on the flower. This is often enough. The average lifespan of a dried flower bouquet is two years, but if you store it in a suitable space, it may last much longer, which makes it very environmentally friendly.

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