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Designed to be more than just a work of art, the Phére glass body embodies a deep philosophy, symbolizing conscious consumption. It harmonizes effortlessly with its surroundings, combining blown glass, natural flowers, and diffuser enhancements.


Unique Composition: Hand-Blown Glass, Dried Flowers, Sea Glass/ Rose Quartz/ Amethyst Crystal/ Jade Crystal/ Rock Crystal, 10 ml Phére Scent



Sea Glass:  Sustainable choice - Aesthetically pleasing and nostalgic, each piece carries a history, connecting us with the sea and the passage of time.

Rose Quartz: Known for its luck-bringing properties, it improves focus, memory, and stimulates the immune system.

Jade Crystal: Prized for its beauty and durability, believed to bring harmony and balance.

Amethyst Crystal: A popular semi-precious stone linked to the crown chakra, associated with spiritual connection and enlightenment.

Rock Crystal: Versatile and widely used, it amplifies energy, enhances clarity of thought, and supports spiritual development.


  • Functionality: The product's functionality can changed over time by changing both the contents of the vase and the Scent Diffuser Adornments.


  • Environmental Commitment: By choosing Phére, you embrace a way of life that exemplifies responsibility and reverence for our planet.


  • Handmade in Estonia: Each unique product is carefully handcrafted in Estonia.


S-size: Dimensions (cm): ca Ø 10cm x H 8 cm, Weigh: ca 700 gr

Atmosphere Deviser Model 106

  • Directions to use

    • Change the product's functionality by removing both the contents of the vase and the adornments on top.
    • Arrange the adornments in the glass as desired.
    • Shake the Scent bottle before use.
    • Apply 5-10 drops of perfume on the sea glass, adjusting based on your desired scent strength.
    • Repeat the application regularly.
    • To change the scent, soak adornment pieces in clean water for 2-3 hours, dry, and apply the new scent on dry stones.

    Note: Adornments are natural and delicate; handle with care.

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