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Atmosphere Deviser offers a unique method to enhance the ambiance of your living space. It provides an extraordinary experience that seamlessly blends the delicacy of Sea Glass, the artistry of blown glass, and the allure of plants. The carefully crafted bowl embodies the essence of nature, meticulously shaped by hand in glass.


Envisioned to be more than just an artful creation, the Phére glass Body embodies a profound philosophy that echoes through its very essence. Each wildflower, seaglass piece and natural scent is in a symphony of beauty, effortlessly harmonizing with its surroundings.


Sea glass is not only aesthetically pleasing but also holds a certain nostalgic charm, as each piece carries a history of its own, reminding us of the human connection with the sea and the passage of time.


Each Atmosphere Deviser package includes a 10 ml perfume refill. Our refills consist of 100% natural components, meticulously blended in-house, and are completely free from alcohol. Our fragrances are thoughtfully created to evoke memories of scents found in nature, allowing each scent to reconnect us with the authentic essence of things. They reawaken our primal olfactory and tactile senses from the numbing monotony of everyday life.


By choosing Phére, you embrace a way of life that exemplifies responsibility and reverence for our planet.



Atmosphere Deviser

Expected to ship on the end of August