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Phére Stuudio

Phére Studio equipment

Area: ca 80m2


Godox 2xAD300

1 Quadralite pulse pro x 600


Godox Parabolic Softbox AD-S85W 85cm white

Deepocta 120 + honeycomb

2 x softbox 40x180 + 2x honeycomb

Boom S studio tripod

GODOX FUJI Transmitter, Canon Transmitter, Nikon Transmitter

Studio rent 30 min

Price 35 €

Studio rent  1 h 

Price  60 €

Each subsequent hour

Price  45 €

All our prices include VAT

House rules

Service Content

The price includes studio rent and props on site.

Photographer services are not included in the price.

Responsibility of the booker

When booking a studio, the booker is responsible for all persons staying in the studio and monitors the compliance of the behavior with the rules of the studio. Parents are responsible for their own children's safety. The studio is not responsible for injuries or health problems received during the session.

Pets are allowed in the studio.

Smoking, consumption of alcohol and drugs, being intoxicated, as well as all kinds of activities that damage the property of the studio and are not in accordance with the law are not allowed in the studio.

All props and equipment in the studio may be used. In case of damage to the studio's inventory and damage to the studio's condition, the person making the reservation is materially responsible for it. All props must be put back in their original place after use.

In all cases where materials are used that may damage the condition of the studio or which will be difficult to clean up later, an agreement must be made before using the studio.

Bookers are required to take their own litter and any other items they have brought into the studio with them.


. The rental time of the studio can be extended only if the next hour is free in the studio after your session.

Booking time rules

Studio times can be booked between 10:00 and 17:00.

If necessary and by separate agreement, it is also possible to use the studio at other times.

The minimum studio rental time is 0.5 hours.

The studio must be vacated in time for the next client to use the studio at the time booked for him.

If the studio is not released on time, the Studio can impose a fine and ask for compensation for violating the rules of the house rules.


The studio is prohibited from producing material containing violence, propaganda, pornography, discrimination against minorities and racial discrimination. Persons who violate this will not be allowed in the studio premises in the future.

General rules

The house rules of Phére Studio stipulate that visitors with outdoor shoes are not allowed. In the studio, visitors can find clean slippers of the appropriate size, and of course it is also allowed to bring their own change of shoes.

The studio is not responsible for personal belongings left unattended and lost.

In case of violation of the established procedure, unused reservations will not be returned.

When renting a studio, users of the studio agree to the rules of the studio. Not knowing the rules does not exempt from responsibility.

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