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Welcome to Phére Studio, where the embrace of natural beauty meets the allure of industrial interior design. Within this captivating space, botanical installations, handcrafted glass from Olustvere Glass Factory, and the essence of nature's scents seamlessly blend into a harmonious whole. Here, time dances to a different rhythm, as the energy of nature invigorates the soul and the pure fragrances soothe the senses. This haven is tailored for individuals like you, seekers of the extraordinary and the distinctive. You're cordially invited to discover a world of uniqueness and charm at Phére Studio – a space designed with you in mind.

Studio rental Mon-Fri


 Price from 150€

Studio rent weekend day

3 h

Price from  200 €

Studio rental weekend evening

3 h

Price from 250 €

All our prices include VAT


- The studio rental time starts and ends according to the time specified in the order. The rental period also includes cleaning, packing up and vacating the premises. Each remaining 15 minutes is €20

- We ask Studio bookers to consider the actual need for the size of the room according to the event. The maximum capacity of the Phére studio is 20 people.

- Since the studio premises are constantly changing, the interior may not be similar to the pictures displayed at the time of booking when you visit the studio.

- If the event ends earlier than the booked time, the unused time will not be compensated.

- Changing/cancelling a reservation:

One week or more - customer gets a refund.

48 hours or less - Client receives studio credit.

24 hours or less - No Refund / No Credit

- Smoking, drug use, being intoxicated, as well as all kinds of activities that damage the studio's property and/or the studio's reputation and that are not in accordance with the law are strictly prohibited in the studio. Our studio is for drinking bubbly and creating beauty.

- The use of live fire (including candles, sparklers and other pyrotechnics) is strictly prohibited in the studio.

- It is not allowed to be in the studio with outdoor shoes in the rooms designated for photography, as the studio has light-colored floors and/or carpets that may turn black. Please bring clean shoes. Slippers are provided in the studio.

- Please be careful! There is a lot of glass and breakable objects in the studio. Parents are responsible for their own children's safety. The studio is not responsible for injuries or health problems received during the session.

- If during the session you need to use additional materials (e.g. cake, feathers, sequins, flower petals, etc.), it is worth noting that the cleaning time is included in your booked time. We ask that you agree on the conditions and possibilities for this type of session in advance

- Studio renters bear full responsibility for damaged furnishings and equipment. They also guarantee payment for cleaning services in case they forget to clean the studio after a photo or video shoot. The lessee of the studio is also fully responsible for the visitors staying in the studio.

- We ask visitors not to leave trash or personal belongings in the studio. The studio is not responsible for personal belongings left unattended and lost. All items left in the studio will be disposed of after 2 months.

- Toilets are located on the right hand side when leaving the studio

- When renting a studio, users of the studio agree to the rules of the studio. Not knowing the rules does not exempt from responsibility.

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