Stabilized Lavender is a beautiful addition to Phére Bodies. Different bugettes can be combined. If you use Phére bugettes with fresh flowers, make sure they do not reach the water.

The airy lightness and visible elegance of Phére bouquets make them living masterpieces that put an effect on any interior design.


Stabilized plants are plants that have been treated with proven natural preservatives. With simple storage conditions, stabilized green plants can decorate your interior for up to 12 years. Thanks to them, they acquire many extraordinary properties that many live plants and their artificial variants do not have - stabilized plants do not need to be lit, watered and their color does not fade. Stabilized plants are completely natural, but at the same time unusual, interesting, admirable and suitable for any interior. All materials in the preservation process are ecologically clean and meet EU ecological and safety requirements.


Available in two sizes:

Small bouget height 20-30cm / approx. 10 g

Large bouget height 40-50cm / approx. 20 g

Lavender Bouquet