Design your own unique atmosphere on the journey where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

We do our best to maintain the cleanest air indoors whenever and wherever you are. Invisibly visible like air around us, our fragrance becomes one with your atmosphere.

Please note this diffuser will not give off a strong smell. They are meant to enhance the air around you.

All of our diffuser bodies are unique and made by a glassmaster.


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Descriptions of the scents can be found on the Phére Scent page.


Volume: 150 ml

Phére Diffuser Blend

    • Keep away from sources of ignition
    • Do not smoke during pouring liquid into a vase
    • Do not use for any purpose other than for what this product was intended to
    • Keep out of reach of children
    • Perfume includes essential oils, if you are allergic to any of these or pregnant, we do not recommend to use this diffuser.
    • Pour the liquid into the Phére glass body
    • Arrange the complementary sticks in Phére glass body and make sure to wash your hands afterwards.
    • The intensity of smell can be changed by turned the sticks more often to suit your preference.
    • Please consider the size of your room when purchasing the Phére Atmosphere Deviser.
    • Phère´s scents are chemical free, and therefore the odor is not intense.