Design your own unique atmosphere on the journey where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

The glass artist has given life to a glass form that lasts from one generation to the next. Changing its functionality is the outcome of your flying imagination. All Phére Bodies are unique and made by a glassmaster. Inspired by forms of nature, Phére´s Body convey timeless elegance.

Use it as a vase, reed diffuser or just as a piece of art. This body does not need concealment. Always visible, always in use. Living in the same rhythm as you...


Enhance it with the Phere flower or diffuser bouquet what you can found in our Bouquet category


Glass color: clear

Dimensions (cm): Ø 10cm x H 18cm

Weight: 440 gr


Available one item


Lasts up to 12 weeks


Volume 150 ml 


Descriptions of the scents can be found on the Phére Scent page.

Phére Body Model 33