Design your own unique atmosphere on the journey where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

We do our best to maintain the cleanest air indoors whenever and wherever you are. Invisibly visible like air around us, our fragrance becomes one with your atmosphere.

Please note, this diffuser will not give off a strong smell. They are meant to enhance the air around you. 

All of our diffuser bodies are recycled from the Phére Atmosphere Deviser, they are unique and made by a glassmaster.

To enhance the scent use it together with aPhére Scented Candle and Atmosphere Deviser.


Glass color: clear

Dimensions (cm): Ø 7cm x H 10cm

Weight: 525 gr


Available one item


Lasts up to 12 weeks


Package include: 100% blended Essential oil and Natural diffuser blend 150ml x1, Blown Glass Body x1, Reed Branches, Dried Flowers


Descriptions of the scents can be found on the Phére Scent page. 

Phére Diffuser Set - Model 25