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Each Atmosphere Deviser are served with a Phére Scent 10ml.


Multi-sensory art installation luxury room diffuser. A biophilic design driven creation from sustainable hand crafted materials. Have flowers that last forever and bring nature’s natural sensuality indoors.


Hand made, Made in Estonia


All Phére Bodies are designed to be multifunctional, so you can change them according to your preferences. Just remove the content, the flower field and change the function so you can enjoy it for years.


Our products are made by hand and so every piece is unique artwork.


Composition: Hand-Blown Glass, Dried Flowers, Perfume

Dimensions (cm): Ø 10cm x H 6cm

Weight: 350 gr

Size: Small 

Atmosphere Deviser Set Model 89

  • Each unique product is a combination of blown glass and natural flowers. The functionality of the product can be changed over time by removing both the contents of the vase and the field of flowers.

    • Shake the Scent bottle before use.
    • Apply no more than 4-7 drops onto the flowers at a time.
    • Repeat the application regularly to maintain the effect. Do not wait until the flowers stop smelling.
    • Please consider the size of your room when purchasing the Phére Atmosphere Deviser. Phère´s scents are chemical free, and therefore the odor is not intense.
    • Please note that the flower field is made of natural plants and their appearance will change during use.