Set contains 1 x Atmosphere Deviser Body, 1 x Phére scent 30ml


Adding Natural Aromatherapy Phére scent makes this luxurious and unique interior element a practical diffuser. The harmony between the most natural and the living are weaved together with the miraculous power of smell.

This wonderful pioneer between man and nature has been created by hand in all stages, and therefore each product is unique.

Material: blown handmade glass, dried or preserved natural flowers

Glass color: clear

Dimensions (cm): Ø 18cm x H 18cm

Weight: 1050 gr

Available one item


Scent bottle volume 30 ml (Enjoy for up to 20 weeks, depending on the size of the flower field and the frequency of application).


Descriptions of the scents can be found on the Phére Scents page

Atmosphere Deviser Set - Model 30

  • Each unique product is a combination of blown glass and natural flowers whose intensity of smell can be changed according to preference by adding the perfume onto the field of flowers.

    • Shake the Scent bottle before use.
    • Apply Phére Scent onto the diffuser flower field.
    • Apply no more than 6-7 drops onto the flowers at a time.
    • Repeat the application regularly to maintain the effect. Do not wait until the flowers stop smelling.
    • Please consider the size of your room when purchasing the Phére Atmosphere Deviser. Phère´s scents are chemical free, and therefore the odor is not intense.