Set contains 1 x Atmosphere Deviser Body, 1 x Phére Scent 10ml


The addition of Aromatherapy Perfume Oil oil makes this luxurious and unique interior element a practical diffuser.

This wonderful pioneer between man and nature has been created by hand in all stages, and therefore each product is unique. Atmosphere Deviser´s Body is reusable and can be changed according to your preferences so that it lasts from generation to generation.

Valuing the environment and health, Phère uses only 100% pure essential oils.

Phére's mission, together with its customers, is to help maintain valuable glass-blowing skill, so that the future generations can also surround themselves with unique and timeless beauty.


Material: blown handmade glass, dried natural flowers

Glass color: clear

Dimensions (cm): ca Ø 10cm x H 7cm

Weight: ca  460 gr


Each product is unique in its own small way.


Scent bottle volume 10 ml (Enjoy for up to 10 weeks, depending on the size of the flower field and the frequency of application). Descriptions of the scents can be found on the Phére Scent page

Atmosphere Deviser Set - Model 59