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pure touch

A combination of strong, deep and spicy aroma.

Hundreds of years of agriculture in North-Eastern Europe have familiarized us with an odor unlike any other. Deep and spicy smell of hay enriched by warm wind of summer nights that we call the Pure Touch. Embrace the touch of this blend to feel one with the hardening power of nature.


Inspired by nature, Phere´s fragrances have been created to value the effect of essential oils, not the intensity of the scent.

All essential oils used in the product are 100% natural

Main components: Ylang-Ylang Oil, Yarrow Oil, Lemongrass Oil

Ylang-Ylang - relaxes the mind and helps to get rid of spinning thoughts, awakens and improves attention, relieves the symptoms associated with depression. Fills the home with vibrations of love.


Yarrow - the emotional Yarrow is a protective oil. Provides a multitude of mental health benefits. Yarrow essential oil is has a sweet, herbaceous, and slightly floral aroma that is used to soothe stress and uplift the mind. It is a lesser-known essential oil due to its vivid blue color, which can stain skin and clothing if applied undiluted.


Lemongrass - The intense, radiant energy of Lemongrass inspires expansion on all levels. Whenever there is a sense of restriction or limitation in life, Lemongrass lifts the spirits and gets things moving again.

Available in four sizes:

Bottle 10 ml, Glass, Dropper 

Bottle 30 ml, Black Matt Glass, Dropper 

Bottle 50 ml, Black Matt Glass, Dropper 

Bottle 150 ml, Glass, Pour

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