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In a Lavender Field

lilac dream

Calming notes of Lavender infused with luxurious fruity fresh notes of Bitter Orange.

Its pleasant aroma instills a feeling of purity and the blend has quieting effect. Lilac Dream has created to help achieve peace and balance. The smell is effective to relax and feel joy.

Inspired by nature, Phere´s fragrances have been created to value the effect of essential oils, not the intensity of the scent.

All essential oils used in the product are 100% natural.

Main components: Lavender Oil, Bitter Orange Oil, Patchouli Oil.

Lavender - Has sedative properties and for its ability to help calm stress and anxiety and to help promote sleep.


Patchouli - Helps to calm and have a grounding effect. The Oil increases objectivity and decision making.


Bitter Orange – Suitable for lifting mood, calming down, inspiring and meditating. Promotes mental clarity and emotional balance. The Oil has a tonic effect and reduces depression and nervous tension.

Available in four sizes:

Bottle 10 ml, Glass, Dropper 

Bottle 30 ml, Black Matt Glass, Dropper 

Bottle 50 ml, Black Matt Glass, Dropper 

Bottle 150 ml, Glass, Pour

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